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administration blocked a u.n. security council resolution on the gaza conflict seng fell to address the root cause of palestinian rocket fire. among the latest palestinian victims were three palestinian journalists killed in their vehicle in gaza. after the attack, hamas government spokesperson condemned the killings of palestinian journalists. >> the israelis are going insane. they lost their minds. they're killing our children, killing our civilians, targeting everything today, targeting journalists. they tried all kinds of crime wars or war crimes, actually. >> tuesday marked the third consecutive day of israeli attacks on palestinian media. in separate incidents, israeli strikes also damaged gaza buildings housing offices of two media outlets. in other violence inside gaza, six men accused of being spies for israel were publicly executed in gaza city on tuesday, one of the bodies was dragged through the streets. at least one young child was among the 31 palestinians reportedly killed on tuesday. according to unicef, israeli attacks on gaza have killed at least 22 palestinian children and
students choose for example, n.y.u. or columbia as opposed to u.s.c. or u.c.l.a. precisely because there is the illusion of a greater freedom in other words, of personal style as opposed to merely hollywood style. u.c.l.a. and u.s.c., as film schools feed more directly into the hollywood pipeline and a lot of our students want to make the kinds of film, frankly that you people here at this panel make. they're more inspired, i think by jim jarmusch or martin scorsese or jane campion than they are by, well... you know, george lucas or steven spielberg. schrader: my theory is that the reason orson welles scared hollywood to death is because he inserted his personality in the most... elephantine, multi-talented way into cinema and it was just terrifying to see that much personality. the directors who had a style worked in certain channels-- the hitchcock style, the sturges style the ford style, the lubitsch style. there was a way they did it but they were working in the corporate conglomerate way. uh, orson welles was saying, "screw all of this. i'm going to reinvent movies." and, well
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)